January 15, 2019

Integrity Challenges Forum

Tackling Integrity Challenges for Our Industry

Join the Conversation

Or live with the outcome

Sponsored by: CCIA

IPEIA is making significant changes to the 2019 “Inspectors” meeting held on the Wednesday morning from 8:00 to 10:00.

Join us to discuss integrity issues common to all sectors of our industry! This impacts us all, be a part of the solution!!

Regulators, Industry Leaders and representation from Alberta Municipal Affairs and the Chairs of the Industry Membership Groups will be a part of this unique opportunity to engage YOU, the IPEIA Delegation to collaborate and tackle integrity issues common to all sectors of our industry.

The goal of this forum will be to discuss topics that are both longstanding and complex. The expectation is not to solve them during this brief discussion but rather build plans, work groups to take the ideas and suggestions and work them into solutions.

It is important to take note that this is not a “us” and “them” panel but rather a collaboration of all sectors working to achieve a common goal.

CURRENT TOPICS identified:

  1. Application of CRN’s across the Jurisdictions
  2. Standardization of Inspector Certification
  3. Having Owner / User IMS programs bridging the jurisdictions
  4. Determine what it might take to allow companies to sell their CRN’s to others
  5. Determine what it might take to have a suite of approved “general” WPS’s that all fabricators could use.

If you feel there are others equally or more important, please let IPEIA know. We will decide which one(s) (and their order) to deal with at the meeting.
PLEASE keep in mind that the panel is there to facilitate the discussions. Your ideas, questions, suggestions are critical to the success of this meeting.