October 20, 2016

New Industry Memberships

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The IPEIA Conference began over 20 ago years and has become an internationally recognized annual conference to gather Pressure Equipment Integrity industry groups together to further improve best practices and provide education for those committed to this specialty in the energy sector.

Taken from the IPEIA Mission Statement:

  • To increase awareness of pressure equipment safety and reliability throughout industry using technological improvements associated with fabrication, maintenance and inspection.
  • To provide knowledge and education for the continuous development of our business.
  • To provide a forum for the interaction between industry, regulators and educators.
  • To provide a platform through which pressure equipment industry concerns and /or initiatives can take hold and be administered.

Included with your 2018 IPEIA Registration to attend the 2018 Conference & Exposition you will gain access to all of the historical IPEIA conference presentations including the 2018 presentations when they become available.

Unable to attend the conference this year?? We have a fantastic opportunity for you to stay involved and informed:

IPEIA Virtual Memberships: IPEIA has initiated an exciting new membership avenue for individuals unable to attend the annual conference in person. Virtual Membership lets you access many of the conference presentations on-line through the Member Access area on the IPEIA website. This cost-effective feature is ideal for local or international members who want to sample the high-quality presentations prior to attending the conference in person. Select presentations are available and include both the speaker and their Power Point presentation in an easy to follow format. IPEIA Virtual Membership only $250 per person, per year.

IPEIA continues to support educational initiatives and research in the pressure equipment integrity industry. Over 600 delegates from all over the world gathered in Banff for 5 days to attend the 22nd IPEIA Conference for a unique opportunity to learn from industry leaders and some of the most knowledgeable specialists in the industry.

Industry Groups involved with IPEIA:
ARPIA Application FormClick to Download (Form must be submitted to the ARPIA Chair)

CCIA Application FormClick to Download (Form must be submitted to the CCIA Chair)

  • Contract Chief Inspectors Association – Shane Caume – shane@normat.ca

GUAC Application FormClick to Download (Form must be submitted to the GUAC Chair)



  • The Alberta Pressure Piping Contractors Association – Jason Davio, Chair – jdavio@ellisdon.com

UCIA Application FormClick to Download (Form must be submitted to the UCIA Chair)

Technical Safety BC’s Lieutenant Governor Safety Awards – UCIA is awarded the “Exceptional Contribution to Technical Safety (Asset Owner) Award”

At this time, we are laying the foundation for IPEIA 2019, which will run from Monday February 25 to Friday, March 1, 2019