September 8, 2017

Program Committee

Jan Kriel – Program Chair

Jan started his career in 1994 on asset integrity management from a metallurgical perspective. Remnant life assessments on components operating at elevated temperature was his main focus, when working in the power generation sector. He is now the team lead for the materials integrity and investigations department at RAE Engineering and consult and investigate, on metallurgical topics, in all energy and paper and pulp related sectors. Jan has been working with IPEIA since March 2017.

Izak Roux – Past Program Chair

Izak J Roux DBA P. Eng. Izak was chair of IPEIA 2018. Prior to this he has been vice chair and program chair since 2015. Izak is also an active member of ASME and he is a member of two pressure vessel technical committees as well as of the Canadian CSA B51 Boiler, pressure vessels and piping standard technical committee. In Alberta he serves as chair of the Safety Codes Council’s Pressure Equipment Sub-council and the Edmonton Transit Advisory Board since 2015.

Monica Hernandez – Program Vice Chair

Monica, originally from Colombia, a former amateur Figure Skater, has 16 years of experience in the Oil and Gas industry (upstream, midstream and downstream sectors) in areas as material selection, corrosion and integrity management. She has been the Asset Integrity Manager in Lloyd’s Register Energy Canada Limited for the last 4 years. One of her core values is to help people around her succeed personally and professionally, as such, she invests time to get involved in activities as IPEIA in which she has spent the last 4 years as member of the Selection and Steering Committees. During the conference you can find her wandering around wearing the red IPEIA vest, outside of that time, she can be found in some museum along with her son, skating or traveling and always wearing a big smile.

Mark Stonehouse – Program Vice Chair

Mark Stonehouse, Becht Engineering Canada, Mark has over fifteen years of experience working in mechanical engineering design and analysis for the petroleum industry, primarily with pressure vessels and pressure vessel internals. His experience and expertise includes linear and non-linear stress analysis using the finite element method for design and fitness for service and includes a wide variety of FEA work performed involving plasticity, buckling, static, and thermal-transient analyses. Joined IPEIA’s Program Committee in 2017 but has been a supporter of IPEIA as an attendee and presenter and exhibitor for 10 years.

Robin Antoniuk

Robin (Robin Antoniuk, ABSA, first year of service to IPEIA ) – Robin has been with ABSA since 1999, mostly within the Inspections Department. He currently serves as ABSA’s Assistant Chief Inspector. Robin is on multiple committees including being an observer on the Steering Committe and actively supporting the Finance & Program Committees.

Russ Davis

Russ is the National AIMS MI COE manager for Mistras Group. He is based in Houston TX. Mistras Group has been active in IPEIA for many years. Russ became a participant in the IPEIA conferences in 2014 and has presented at the last 3 conferences in Banff.

Frank Eder

John Dombroski

John Dombroski is a Technical Specialist at Enbridge specializing in RBI implementation and piping integrity programs. John’s career has been split between both the oil and gas and power generation sectors. It is John’s third year on the program subcommittee.

Scott Fong

Scott is the Technical Services Manager at KASI Technologies, holds 6 API Certifications along with his ABSA IBPV, and TSASK Class 1 Inspector License. He has been a contract QC/QA and Pressure Equipment Inspector for over 11 years, attending the IPEIA Conference for over 5 years, and on his 2nd year with the Programming Committee.

Greg Gaudet

Faustina LaSaga

Faustina Bucholz, Unified Valve Group Ltd. Faustina is currently the Marketing Coordinator for Unified Valve Group Ltd. out of their Calgary head office. She gained her Marketing Certificate through SAIT and has worked in the oil and gas industry for over 12 years. This is Faustina’s second year on the Program Committee.

Roger Lorenson

With over 25 years in the asset integrity field, Roger has developed a wide range of experience through the completion of onsite visual inspections on all forms of pressure piping, boilers, vessels and tanks. He has been a leader in the development of owner user programs, quality auditing and supervision of NDE services. Mr. Lorenson has numerous professional certifications from ASET, API, National Board, NACE, CGSB, CWB and others. He also serves as a subject matter expert for the NAIT Materials Engineering student advisory committee and sits on IPEIA program committee.

Michael Nugent

Mike is a Principal Materials Engineer with Equity Engineering and has over 35 years experience in Refinery, Petrochem and Power Plant corrosion and NDE. Mike is a long time member of NACE and a Fellow in ASNT. He has presented at IPEIA for the past 3 years and really enjoys the energy and setting for this conference. He has been a Principal Engineer for years as an owner user and been involved in the application of new and evolving NDE to better identify mechanical integrity issues.

Alek Stefanov

Field Service Engineer for Babcock&Wilcox. 17+ years of experience in the power generation industry, as a Field Service Engineer, Reliability Engineer, Project Coordinator and Business Development. Extensive experience in operation, design and construction of boilers used in power generation, oil and gas, mining, and pulp and paper industries. I am honored and happy for the opportunity to add value to the excellent IPEIA team.

Denny Stubel

Denny Stubel; Client Relations & Strategy Analyst, Technical Safety Authority of Saskatchewan (TSASK). Denny has been employed with TSASK for 6 years and manages their Key Accounts. Denny has established positive working relationships with these companies and his role includes various responsibilities such as inventory reconciliations, Quality Management System reviews and contributing to internal forecasting and budgeting. Years of Service to IPEIA: 3 years on the Planning Committee and 2 years on the Steering Committee.

John Wolff

TransAlta Generation Partnership, In-Service Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspector , First Class Power Engineer, ABSA Welding Examiner with over 30 years of Power Generation Operation and Inspection experience. I have been an associate member of the IPEIA this statement makes no sense for approx.11 years supporting the conference by finding presentations or introducing the presenters at IPEIA conferences.

Jessie Wong

Jessie Wong is definitely a planner at heart; she finds planning is a good balance between her technical engineering side and her creative musician side. She has always imagined herself as an engineer; she loves placing herself in front of puzzles that will challenge the extent of her knowledge and resources. But at the end of the day, it really comes down to working with people that keeps her motivated and driven to grow her career. Jessie currently is with Lloyd’s Register and this is her second year in the committee and her 5th year going to IPEIA.

Bobby Wright

Bobby Wright currently leads the Plant Services Practice for Stress Engineering Services in Houston Texas working in refineries, chemical plants, petro-chemical plants and power stations worldwide. He was instrumental in establishing Stress Engineering Services in Canada in 2011. Mr. Wright is a Professional Engineer in the state of Texas and holds a BS Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Bobby has been involved with IPEIA since 2004. He joined the Program Committee around 2006/2007. He is currently assisting with the PR Committee with Heather.