June 5, 2019

Call for Presentations

2020 IPEIA Call for Technical Presentations

We are accepting ABSTRACTS for the 2020 IPEIA Conference & Exhibition
This is YOUR opportunity to be “A Part” of IPEIA!

Abstracts are being accepted:
June 3rd – September 6th, 2019


Instructions to Submit an ABSTRACT using IPEIA’s APART/Registration System

STEP 1 Click Here to Visit our APART/Registration System
STEP 2 Login (if you have an existing login to the IPEIA APART System or have registered for previous conferences)
Create a New Login
STEP 3 After logging in you should be directed to the submission form (STEP 4). If you are not, a button to the Abstract Submission form can be found on the registration home page (below).
NOTE: You can also view previously submitted abstracts by clicking the link below “Submit an Abstract”
STEP 4 Complete the Abstract Submission Form
NOTE: The form will auto-populate with your profile details if you had a previously created login. If you need to update your information, please click on the menu option “PROFILE” to makes changes. This will update your information on all your abstracts.
To return to the Abstract Submission Form, select the link under the “APART WEB TOOL” menu.

STEP 5 To Review Your Submitted Abstract(s)
Click on the “APART WEB TOOL” menu and click on “MY ABSTRACTS”
Click on the “VIEW DETAILS/EDIT” button on the abstract you wish to review
STEP 6 Save All Changes
If you edit the abstract your are reviewing, be sure to hit the “UPDATE ABSTRACT” button at the bottom of the form to save all changes