September 8, 2017

Conference App

Thank you to our 2019 Delegate Conference App Sponsor:

IPEIA is thrilled to bring back the Conference App for 2019!!

The Conference App was a HUGE hit in 2018 so we have built it again and improved it!!
Please note: the app replaces the former Conference Directory – there are no printed programs onsite

Time to get your 2019 IPEIA Conference APP!

Step 1: Download the App:
Step 2: Enter the Event Password – IPEIA2019

The IPEIA Conference App has all the important information you’ll need for the event, and features to enhance your event experience such as:

  • Build your Own Conference Schedule
  • Review the Presenters & the Abstracts online before you arrive
  • Real Time Updates for presentation locations & times
  • Explore the Exhibition using the Exhibition maps and participate in
  • Conference Contests!
  • Take a moment to see all of the incredible Sponsors and see the Sponsorship Opportunities we are highlighting all week long
  • Know what is available for you such as the Delegate Shuttle Service and other amazing delegate experiences can be found on the App
  • The Who’s Who… Find out Who is at the Conference and connect using the App… make a coffee date!
  • And so much more…

Our goal for IPEIA is not only to be environmentally aware but to also offer our delegates a more organized and accessible conference to enhance your conference and exposition experience. We are excited to announce that we are getting on board with the new era of modern technology and doing our part to save the environment while we are at it!
WAIT A MINUTE?? WHY CHANGE? … and most importantly… Where is my Conference DIRECTORY??? For 2019, the complete IPEIA Directory will be right at your fingertips . . . literally . . . on your laptop, phone or tablet. Seriously!!! RIGHT ON YOUR PHONE!!! IPEIA’s new CONFERENCE APP will provide you with so much information and you can customize it how you need to organize it for your schedule!!

  • Find where and when a presentation is taking place.
  • Plan your conference.
  • Access maps to get you where you need to be.
  • Get more information about our Sponsors or Exhibitors… it’s just a click away.
  • Receive important updates.
  • Network online until you can connect in person!
  • Share comments and pictures.
  • Be a part of the Contests and Fun Challenges taking place.