December 20, 2019

A Big Night Out in Banff

Don’t forget your IPEIA Networking Event Passport!

IPEIA’S BIG NIGHT OUT IN BANFF is the biggest BUZZ in the mountains right now! We don’t want anyone to be disappointed so please remember your IPEIA PASSPORT that you will be given when you pick up your delegate badge at registration next week.

The IPEIA PASSPORT is your access to all 3 venues and to your free drinks!


Thursday, February 27, 2020 – 7:00-9:00pm

Over 850 IPEIA Delegates will be invading the magical town of Banff, AB in February 2020. We want everyone to experience something new when you come to IPEIA so we have prepared an incredible Delegate Thursday Networking Event for you to enjoy!
IPEIA invites you to experience three unique hot spots in Banff, with live music, fun entertainment, cold drinks, and tasty eats. Each location will feature a different local vibe and we want you to experience all of them! You will be given a passport that will grant you access and offer you a complimentary drink and munchies at each location.

High Rollers

Pins. Pints. Pizza. These are all good things. So we put ’em together in a big ol’ beer hall. Six bowling lanes. Three pool tables. New York-style pizza slices the size of your head. 48 craft beers on tap. So hang up your skis, skates, hikin’ boots and snowshoes, and come make some new friends. Order your pizza. Drink your beer. -Hit some pins.

The Dancing Sasquatch

Dancing Sasquatch is a Rocky Mountain cabin bar. Featuring local entertainmentwith a cabin party atmosphere – come party like an animal! Time to prove that the sasquatches do exist and they love selfies!!

The Magpie & Stump

Magpie & Stump is Banff’s favorite taco eatery and tequila drinkery! As one of Banff’s oldest establishments (36 years and counting), Magpie & Stump guarantees a classic Banff experience complete with tacos, tequila and debauchery. This little piece of Mexico in the mountains serves up tacos, burritos, enchiladas and over 60 tequilas.

The fun is in going to all 3 venues and seeing what each one has to offer! IPEIA will have surprises and prizes at each location so you need to go to them ALL!

Can’t wait to spend the night on the town with you!

A big thank you to our sponsor for supporting this event!