November 24, 2016



Many changes have occurred over the past two years of IPEIA and the results of these changes have equalled the incredible success of the Exhibition (we have increased Exhibitor space by 30%) and a 100% increase in delegate attendance since 2017. IPEIA and the Banff Centre continue to work together to ensure the safety of our Exhibitors, our Delegates, the Banff Centre Team and the general public.

Please note the following update on the rules and regulations that must be followed:

Food and Beverages – For any Exhibitor intending on giving out products (food, candy, popcorn, beverages etc.) must apply using the form on the IPEIA website.
Onsite approval will NOT be accommodated.

Move-In/Move Out – As per previous communications, IPEIA and the Banff Centre cannot overlook the safety concerns involved with past exhibitor move in/move outs . Traffic regulations and laws must be followed. All Exhibitors are asked to ship their booth materials with GES prior to the conference.
Please Note: If you cannot utilize the GES shipping method, you must contact IPEIA at and they will ensure that someone from the IPEIA Exhibition Committee will be in contact with you. These requests will be dealt with on a extenuating circumstances only and must be approved prior February 15th, 2020 (with written approval from the IPEIA Exhibition Committee Lead)
Security guards will be on site restricting road access to the Centre and to ensure the safety for everyone.

2020 IPEIA Sponsor and Exhibitor Opportunities

The Exhibition is

To be included in IPEIA’s First Right of Refusal process for securing a booth for IPEIA 2021 (25th Anniversary) show your support and BECOME A SPONSOR!

IPEIA 2020 Sponsor Opportunities are AVAILABLE!

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Registration Information

First Right of Refusal Registration opens Monday, June 3, 2019 at 10:00AM and closes Tuesday, July 2, 2019 at 5:00PM. Any remaining exhibition booths will be available for registration to the public Wednesday, July 3 at 10:00AM.

First Right of Refusal 2020 Exhibition Pricing

$ 3,050.00 $ 4,550.00 $ 6,300.00

  • 1 Full Delegate Pass which includes
    • 2 passes to Exhibitor Appreciation Night
    • Lunch/Snacks Provided
    • 2 passes to Thursday Social Night
  • 1 Staff Pass

  • 1 Full Delegate Pass which includes
    • 3 passes to Exhibitor Appreciation Night
    • Lunch/Snacks Provided
    • 3 passes to Thursday Social Night
  • 2 Staff Passes

  • 1 Full Delegate Pass which includes
    • 4 passes to Exhibitor Appreciation Night
    • Lunch/Snacks Provided
    • 4 passes to Thursday Social Night
  • 3 Staff Passes

IPEIA strategically predetermined the number of single, double and triple booths that would be made available at its annual conference. Historically there have been more exhibitors than available spaces and over time we have increased the exhibit area by working with Banff Center to use every inch of the halls. Booth sizes were reduced to accommodate more companies and more recently we have expanded into the hall on the second floor. These changes were made to accommodate the exhibitors. We are also cognizant that without delegates, there will be no exhibition. Delegates tell IPEIA that they want to see the innovative solutions, new technologies that exhibitors have to present. They also want to see which new companies are entering the market. To ensure the conference meets delegate demands we are maintaining the ratio of single to larger booths. This balanced policy is intended to keep delegates engaged and ensure they attend the exhibition each year. Delegates are the heart of the conference and there would be no exhibition without their support.

Policy Clarification for Renewals and FRoR

Past Exhibitors are eligible to renew their booth for the next conference (same price/same booth) or they can wait for First Right of Refusal to purchase their booth for the next conference (next year’s exhibition pricing/select from available booths).

Note: past Exhibitors are not guaranteed a booth during FRoR as this opportunity is also available to all past IPEIA Sponsors.

Companies are only eligible to purchase one booth (it may be a single, double or a triple) but ONLY ONE BOOTH per company. This maintains the integrity of IPEIA’s strategy to have as many different exhibitors as possible for our delegates’ experience.

Booths cannot be resold by exhibitors.

Exhibition Information

Being an Exhibitor at the 24th IPEIA Conference provides your company an opportunity to:


  • Directly access pressure equipment integrity specialists
  • Promote your brand
  • Establish your organization as a thought leader
  • Speak directly to potential customers
  • Network with industry leaders and owners


  • 2.5 Day Expo
  • Larger Booths Available
  • Private Meeting Room Space
  • Space for a display during the Workshop
  • New Triple Booth Spaces
  • New Double Booth Spaces

There are NO FREE passes for anyone at the conference.
There are NO separate entry fees or passes for the Exhibition ONLY.

There are complimentary registrations (FULL DELEGATE PASS) for the following people ONLY:

  • Single booths
    • One (1) Full Delegate Pass
    • One (1) Staff (Exhibition only) Pass
  • Double booth
    • One (1) Full Delegate Pass
    • Two (2) Staff (Exhibition only) Passes
  • Triple booth
    • One (1) Full Delegate Pass
    • Three (3) Staff (Exhibition only) Passes

All other attendees of the conference MUST register to attend the Conference & Exhibition.

Anyone without a badge at the conference will be asked to return to the Registration Counter.