April 30, 2018

Letter from the Chair

Message From the IPEIA 2021 Chair

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the 2022 IPEIA Steering Committee, we wanted to take this opportunity to thank each of you for your continued commitment and dedication to IPEIA. As we have all experienced throughout this year, adapting to change and creating innovative solutions is not only the key to survival, but also to finding success. 

Reflecting back, it’s been a year of many firsts, and we recognize that our industries, businesses, communities, and families continue to meet extraordinary challenges. These circumstances pushed IPEIA to develop some of our five (5) year planning goals much sooner than expected. We leveraged this time to create new opportunities by jumping into the virtual world. We spent months risk mitigation planning, scheduling, considering, and then re-evaluating with weekly, sometimes even daily, check-ins with our executive and multiple volunteer committees. Through everything, it has remained important that IPEIA stay relevant, that we are building our community, giving back to our industries, and trying to strategically create a model that will be sustainable for many years to come. 

Our volunteer committees, our valued staff, and our multiple stakeholder groups put forward significant time and energy to ensure the success of the new IPEIA Membership Offering. We cannot thank-you enough. The 2021 webinar series and various membership offerings continue to connect our community as we deliver knowledge sharing and networking opportunities that are not being offered anywhere else. This year we have seen outstanding technical content, a transformation of past favourite experiences (such as the regulatory panel and student codes courses), to new innovative offerings (such as the much talked about owners’ panel). It has been a collaboration by leading industry experts, key industry mentors, and remarkable industry leaders. 

With that being said, how could we not be excited as we embark on the 2022 IPEIA planning cycle? This year has a focus on resiliency as we continue to grow and step into each new challenge with stride. We are inspired by opportunities that have opened as a direct result of our learnings, and developed new skill sets in response to what this past year has thrust upon us. We would also like to reassure you that we are working hard to build the future of the association as we find a balance in defining our “new normal”.  We continue to have many conversations with our stakeholders, management team, and industry partners and are very optimistic at what lies ahead for IPEIA. 

Again, many thanks for making the launch of the new IPEIA Membership Offering and our 2021 webinar series such success. We genuinely have so much gratitude and respect for all the effort and work that is done throughout the planning cycle, it truly takes a community to stand up the association. Each of you have become an integral part of shaping what IPEIA is today. We absolutely look forward to seeing you in 2022!

Alison Weeks