October 20, 2016

Pre-Conference Information

We are thrilled to offer the opportunity for companies, regulators, and industry groups to provide Pre-Conference Training, Workshops, or host their membership meetings at IPEIA 2021 in Banff!

The completed form can be submitted to admin@ipeia.com

Deadline for submissions is November 1, 2002.

Pre–Conference Background

The IPEIA conference originally started from pressure integrity industry group meetings which have been held continuously for 25 years as part of IPEIA’s Pre-Conference schedule. Today the Pre-Conference schedule includes training and workshops that take place from Monday through Wednesday morning prior to the start of the formal conference.

IPEIA hosts training programs from various sources including regulators like ABSA and TSASK as well as from private companies offering a wide range of training topics. Once the submission and selection process is complete the pre-conference training schedule and links to register will be posted on our Training Courses Page. Please note: training sessions are by pre-registration only and registration fees are NOT included in IPEIA registration. The Monday and Tuesday training sessions run from ½ day to two-day sessions and are at a cost; please visit each training supplier listed on the website and deal directly with them concerning their charges.

Integrity Challenges Forum

IPEIA was pleased to host the 2nd Integrity Challenges Forum at the 2020 Conference. Two Task forces have been created to tackle various industry challenges throughout 2020. This is a unique forum to discuss integrity issues common to all sectors of our industry. Join the conversation!

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