January 14, 2019

Registration Policies

Conference Registration Policies

  1. In order to secure your registration, registration fees must be paid in full by . Registrations remaining unpaid after this date will be cancelled.
  2. Once payment has been received, there will be no refunds offered for cancellations or changes to registrations which would result in a refund.
    • Registrations may be transferred to another individual if the registrant is unable to attend. To transfer a registration, log in to your registration record and update the registrant information to the new individual.
    • If you need to change the log in information for the updated registration, please contact support@idassociates.ab.ca
  3. Full conference category includes:
    • Wednesday
    • Industry Inspector Meeting
    • Exhibition
    • Workshops
    • Welcome Lunch
    • Technical Presentations
    • Exhibition Appreciation Event
    • Thursday
    • Technical Presentations
    • Exhibition
    • Working Lunch
    • Town Hall Meeting
    • Networking Dinner
    • Friday
    • Technical Presentations
    • Exhibition
    • Awards & Closing Remarks
  4. One day conference category includes:
    • All lunches, events and activities for the selected day only.
  5. Student conference category includes:
    • Friday only technical program and working lunch
    • Shuttle service to Banff Centre
    • The student rate is open to bona fide students at an accredited institution of higher education who are enrolled in a degree granting curriculum of course work, and otherwise not gainfully employed or compensated to any substantial degree that would reasonably negate the expectation of discounted fees. Proof of enrollment must be provided in order to receive the student rate
  6. Additional Conference Items
    1. Spouse conference category includes:
      • Exhibitor’s Appreciation Event
      • Thursday Networking Event
      • Special Spousal Program Event
    2. Thursday Networking Event
      • One ticket to the Thursday Networking Event is included with a Full, One Day Thursday, and a Spouse category
      • Additional tickets may be purchased for guests of the main registrant as long as the main registrant has selected the full or one day registration category
    3. Virtual Memberships
      • IPEIA is continuing to offer the Virtual Membership avenue for individuals unable to attend the annual conference in person. Virtual Membership lets you access many of the conference presentations on-line through the Member Access area on the IPEIA website. This cost-effective feature is ideal for local or international members who want access to the high-quality presentations from the conference.  Most presentations are available and include both the speaker and their Power Point presentation in an easy to follow format. Select presentations are available and include both the speaker and their Power Point presentation in an easy to follow format.

Sponsorship Terms & Conditions

Cancellation Policy

Please note once payment has been processed on a sponsorship registration, refunds cannot be issued in the case of cancellation.

Sponsorship registrations may be transferred to an equal or greater category but may not be downgraded as refunds cannot be issued. Changes to current sponsorship registrations will be available once the renewal process has closed and the sponsorship registration has opened to the public.

2020 Exhibitor Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions form part of the website contract (the “Agreement”) pursuant to which the International Pressure Equipment Integrity Association (“IPEIA”) has agreed to provide booth space to the exhibitor, referred to on the IPEIA website on-line registration system.

Cancellation and Performance

Neither party shall be liable for any damages sustained from delay or non-performance of this Agreement due to events beyond its reasonable control, including without limitation strikes or other labour disputes, acts of God, weather, earthquakes, fires, floods, war, riots, terrorism, border closures, civil disorder, power failure or government Acts. If an exhibition is interrupted, prevented or cancelled for any such reason, the Client will reimburse GES CANADA, or other exhibition service provider contracted by IPEIA for expenses incurred providing services or equipment up to the date of this occurrence.

Exhibit Appearance Code

All exposed parts of the display, or booth object must be covered in such a manner so as not to be unsightly to neighbouring exhibitors. Specially built displays in variance with the exhibition service provider’s (GES) published regulations must be submitted to IPEIA for prior approval. Equipment on display shall not take up more than 70% of exhibit floor space nor obstruct the view of a neighbouring booth. All Booths and materials must be within the confines of the allotted booth space as defined in these Terms and Conditions and must NOT block or impede access Fire Exits or Extinguishers.

Exhibit Operations Restrictions

  • Signage involving the use of neon or similar gases is prohibited. Wording on all signs in an exhibitor’s booth will be of a nature that is not offensive or gaudy. IPEIA has the right to the removal of such signage that fails to meet the guidelines.
  • Booth representatives must be dressed in a professional, although casual, manner appropriate for the venue.
  • Personnel recruitment displays of any nature shall not be permitted.
  • Music and any other sound generating equipment must be operated at levels so as not to be disturbing to other exhibitors and conference attendees.
  • Excessive noise or activity obstructions will not be allowed during the show.
  • Objectionable odours will not be allowed.
  • Games of chance, lotteries, contest and carnival type activities and other sideshow type events will not be permitted without prior written approval from IPEIA. Booth draws are acceptable.
  • Demonstrations and all other sales activities must be confined to the limits of an exhibitor’s booth. Distribution of samples, literature, and souvenirs will also be confined to the exhibitor’s booth.

Respect/ Sponsors Exhibitors

IPEIA sponsored items, including but not limited to sponsored name badges, are required outside the exhibition floors. Sponsored or unsponsored signage, labels, displays or other IPEIA communications shall not be removed, impeded or damaged. Disrespect or misconduct to IPEIA personnel, exhibitors, delegates, equipment or the facility will not be tolerated. IPEIA reserves the right to immediately terminate attendance to the current conference or future conferences.

Facility Care

The exhibitor is liable for any damage caused to building, floors, walls and to standard booth equipment or other exhibitors’ property by exhibitors’ staff actions.


IPEIA will indemnify and hold harmless the Client, its officers, directors, and employees from and against any bodily injury or property damage liability claims, judgments, damages, costs or expense, including reasonable attorney fees, arising out of or occasioned by the operations performed by IPEIA personnel except for occurrences or accidents caused by the sole negligence of the Client or for occurrences or accidents caused by any other party.

Installation, Exhibiting, Dismantling

Dates and times for installation, exhibiting and dismantling shall be those specified by IPEIA. Exhibitor shall be liable for all storage and handling charges associated with the failure to comply within the time frames specified. Booths and exhibit materials must be fully set up prior to show opening on the first day and must not be dismantled or removed before the official show closing as per the exhibition schedule and service provider’s written manual. Any Exhibitor found dismantling, moving or disassembling of booths before Friday 12:00PM may lose the privilege of Priority Registration for future IPEIA Exhibitions.

In accepting these conditions, the exhibitor agrees to move their exhibit equipment and materials into the show facility between 9:00 am and 9:00 pm Tuesday, February 25, 2020 and move their equipment and materials out of the show facility between 12:00PM and 2:30PM Friday, February 28, 2020.

Removal of the material will be in compliance with all municipal, provincial and federal government regulations, as well as facilities and show management guidelines. Show management, GES, can provide assistance regarding the shipping out of materials, particularly cross-border. GES will be available to provide information and forms Thursday afternoon.

Limitation of Liability

It is understood and agreed by the exhibitor that all property of the exhibitor is to remain under the exhibitor’s custody and control, in transit to or from or within the confines of the facility, subject to the rules and regulations of the exhibition. The exhibitor agrees to make no claim for any reason whatsoever against IPEIA or service contractor(s) for loss, theft, damage or destruction of goods; nor for any damage of any nature, including damage to his business by reason of failure to provide space for his exhibit, nor for any action of any nature of management, nor for the failure to hold the exposition as scheduled. The reasons listed include but are not limited to, such reasons as: casualty, explosion, fire, lightning, flood, weather, epidemic, earthquake or other Acts of God, acts of public enemies, riots or civil disturbances, terrorist action, strike, lockout or boycott.

Occupancy Default

It is understood and agreed by the exhibitor that in the event any exhibitor fails to install its products in the contracted for space by February 25, 2020, or fails to pay space rental costs at the time of registration, or fails to comply with any other terms and conditions concerning the use of this space, IPEIA will have the right to take possession of said space for such purposes as it sees fit. The exhibitor in the event this action is taken will be held liable for the full rental price of said space, as well as any additional costs associated with the display and set-up of the vacant space.

On-Site Storage

Exhibitors will not be permitted to store containers, packing crates and any other nonessential items in their booth during the period of the show. Exhibitors are responsible to find their own storage accommodations for the duration of the show.

Safety Regulations

The exhibitor assumes all responsibility for compliance with all ordinances, regulations and codes of duly authorized local, provincial and federal governing bodies concerning fire, safety, health and environmental requirements.

  • Booth decorations must be flameproof.
  • Hanging materials must clear the floor.
  • Electrical wiring must conform to all National Electrical Code Safety Rules. Any exhibitor’s failure or noncompliance on any mandated safety item will result in the need to dismantle that item and remove it from the premises as the exhibitor’s expense.

Space Allotment Eligibility

IPEIA has the sole right to decide the eligibility of a company, or its products, for inclusion in the show. Final space allocation of an exhibitor will be made by IPEIA. IPEIA endeavours to provide exhibitors with their location of first choice, but reserves the right to make reasonable reallocations of booth spaces. Each booth space allows for two (2) booth personnel for a single booth, three (3) booth personal for a double booth and four (4) for a triple booth.

Technical & Keynote Speaker Presentations

Each booth will receive one (1) FULL delegate pass to attend all technical presentations and keynote speakers. Staff passes (exhibition access only) are included:

  • Single Booth receive one (1) staff (exhibition only) pass.
  • Double Booth receive two (2) staff (exhibition only) passes.
  • Triple Booths receive three (3) staff (exhibition only passes.

Contact Information

The exhibitor assumes all responsibility to provide IPEIA with their updated contact information should any personal change.


This Agreement will be effective as of the date the exhibitor registers online at the IPEIA website, and shall terminate at the conclusion of the move-out of the 2020 show, provided that the provisions requiring payments are made or indemnities be given.