August 1, 2018

Regulator Updates

Technical Safety BC – Safety Oversight Changes for 2019

As our organization evolves its strategy to share knowledge and drive behavior change, we must establish consistency through standards (e.g., training, regulation/code, processes) and implement cross-technology approaches that align with our product and service offerings. The opportunity to provide innovative safety solutions that can be scaled across multiple technologies (rather than creating different approaches for each of the seven technologies we oversee) will allow us to leverage untapped efficiencies.

While much of the organization has reorganized since we first came out of government in 2004, Safety Oversight has largely remained unchanged. This presents an opportunity to modernize our structure and processes, so that we can effectively provide safety oversight services in scalable and efficient ways.

The changes are as follows:

      • We are moving from having one Safety Manager (statutory decision makers) for each technology, to having two Safety Managers – one for Energy (electrical, gas, boilers & pressure vessels) and one for Transportation (elevating, rail, passenger ropeways, amusement devices).
      • We are also creating six new Technical Leader roles – one for each of the following technologies: electrical, gas, boilers & pressure vessels, elevating, rail, and alternative safety approaches (ASA).
      • We will create a new Safety System Risk Manager role to lead the understanding and management of technical risks.
      • We are also creating new Analyst and Trainer roles to support the Safety System Risk Program, Technical Learning Program, and Technical Safety Programs overall.

This new structure will not only provide opportunities for more effective safety oversight, it will also enable senior safety officers to provide more support for in-field operations. These changes will help advance our safety products and services for the benefit of clients and stakeholders while ensuring we have a growing and sustainable pipeline of technical expertise to understand and manage safety system risks.

Here are the new contacts during our transition period:

Technical Safety BC – Certification Renewal


All certificates issued without an expiry date under the Power Engineers, Boiler, Pressure Vessel & Refrigeration Safety Regulation, including power engineer certificates, will need to be renewed on or before December 2, 2018 in order to remain valid.

For more information and to renew your certificate, follow the below link:

Technical Safety BC – Investigation Report

Please find the link to the Technical Safety BC’s investigation report into the October 2017 incident at Fernie Memorial Arena, where an ammonia release resulted in three workers sadly losing their lives.

The report covers three areas where contributing factors led to the incident: failure of refrigeration system equipment; operational decisions that contributed to the incident; and, impact of inadequate ventilation and discharge systems following the incident. The report includes 18 recommendations to improve equipment maintenance, leak hazard identification, training, and secondary coolant system configuration and construction.

In learning from this incident, we would like to bring greater awareness of these hazards, and I encourage you to read the report and to share it with your association members and anyone interested.

Meryl Howell-Fellows | Business Partner, Stakeholder Engagement

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