May 29, 2019

Student Posters Session

We are excited to continue bringing to IPEIA … STUDENT POSTER PRESENTATIONS!!!

Students are given the opportunity to showcase their knowledge while connecting with industry leaders and experts. 

  • Students who are enrolled in post-secondary institutions in programs that are aligned to the Pressure Equipment Industry.
  • Students enrolled in internship or co-op programs.
  • Provide a forum for students to share their knowledge with the IPEIA community
  • Offer an opportunity for students to help solve problems identified in the industry
  • Build interest in pressure equipment integrity amongst peers
  • Raise awareness for opportunities afforded through participation in the IPEIA conference (networking)
  • Expand students’ knowledge of the pressure equipment industry and the many, varied opportunities that exist within the industry
Value to Students Value to IPEIA Value to Delegates/Members
Networking opportunities and exposure to industry leaders Expand IPEIA’s Technical Program Different format for learning
Opportunity to build on their presentation skills Engagement with educational institutions to broaden IPEIA’s reach to future delegates/memberships Exposure to next generation of industry leaders and networking for relationship building and potential recruitment
Access to highquality presentations and to be a part of a well-respected International Pressure Equipment Integrity Conference Seek support for potential government funding to work with educational institutions to help solve problems in the industry Influence the types of posters presentations needed (research) and solutions for industry problems
Attend the 2021 conference – funded by IPEIA    
Call for Student Posters Abstract Submissions June 15, 2021
Abstract Submissions October 31, 2021
Posters Selections November 15, 2021
Posters Review & Approval December 17, 2021
*Poster Presentations (scheduling TBA for 2022 2022

2020 IPEIA Winner of the Student Poster Session… Ms. Tina Chen!


“My experience at IPEIA was above anything I had expected, from the amazing networking opportunities to the delicious food and drinks, it was an unforgettable experience. I was able to meet people from all over the pressure equipment integrity industry, including those who worked for the companies I had applied to. Having a poster meant that I had working professionals approaching me, something that I don’t believe I would have the opportunity to experience in any other situation. I learned more about the industry in my few short days there than all the time I have spent at school. Additionally, as a student who has never presented a poster before this, the feedback I received has been instrumental in helping me complete my capstone project. I would highly recommend any student who is on the fence about submitting an abstract for next year to do it, it only takes 15 minutes to fill out the form to have a chance to spend a few days in Banff.”

Tina Chen, Materials Engineering Technology, NAIT

If you are keen to be a part of IPEIA’s Membership Offerings for 2022 and to be recognized in your industry, please provide your submission through IPEIA’s Call for Content “APART” System by OCTOBER 31, 2021.