April 23, 2020

Task Force #2 – Regulatory Process Streamlining

For the 2020 conference cycle, industry groups and regulators were polled to find broad issues for discussion. At the 2020 Integrity Challenge Forum in Banff, over 120 delegates voted that the discussion topic for Task Force – 02 topic would be: “Streamlining the Regulatory Processes to be more Compliance-Based and Less Prescriptive”


Discuss the broad topic listed above with the ultimate goals of:

  1. Identifying a process(es) to focus on
  2. Determine how the process(es) could be streamlined

At the initial TF-02 committee meeting, committee members determined they should look at 2 levels:

  1. Develop a library of specific points industry can address with regulators to change the AB documents, and potentially documents for other jurisdictions
  2. Recommend a high-level strategy on how to streamline the process to ensure compliance with the same level of safety

Quarterly Updates

October 2020

The Task Force working on Regulatory Process Streamlining (RPS) has decided to provide members with ongoing updates due to the interruptions of normal communications caused by Covid-19.

Beginning in June 2020, the committee began meeting on an aggressive bi-weekly schedule. Discussions have centered around the questions posed at the IPEIA in-person conference which took place in Banff back in March 2020. The takeaways from that session were as follows:

  1. “Streamline the AB processes to be more compliant”
  2. “Rewrite AB-521 EPE (Engineered Pressure Enclosures)”

TF2 has contacted the Industry Groups (IG’s) and offered to facilitate a combined industry approach to issues with the perceived prescriptive AB-521 document with ABSA. We have received positive responses from the IG’s most affected by AB-521 and will continue to move this initiative forward.

The committee has discussed the broad subject of RPS in great detail, working on potential solutions that fit the ICF framework that meet the needs of multiple stakeholders:

  • Cross industry
  • Inter-jurisdictional

TF2 is identifying and categorizing issues with the intention of finding areas for harmonization. Discussion topics have included:

  • Using a multi-tiered outcome-based approach for companies with different levels of integrity expertise.
  • How can permissions required by ABSA be reduced?

Further discussion will continue and another update will be provided in early 2021.