January 15, 2019

Integrity Challenges Forum

Next up! IPEIA’s Integrity Challenge Forum (ICF) Update Webinar

IPEIA Webinar – June 17, 2021, 10AM to 12PM MST

Chance to win a prize for attending!!

What is the webinar about?

ICF Task Forces will be reporting results of committee activities in a webinar open to all IPEIA members.

The webinar will include 3 updates on current items that industry has identified as important:

  1. ICF Task Force 1: Inspector Logbook
  2. ICF Task Force 2: AB 521 Requirements for Engineered Pressure Enclosures (EPE)
  3. ICF Task Force 2: Investigation of Regulatory Streamlining

If you want to see this great webinar, sign up today and join IPEIA!

History and Overview

IPEIA’s Integrity Challenge Forum (ICF) was initiated at the 2019 IPEIA Pre-Conference to provide a forum for the interaction between industry, regulators and educators. 

The ICF is a platform through which pressure equipment industry concerns and/or initiatives can take hold and be administered. The ICF brings all sectors of the pressure equipment integrity industry together under one umbrella to identify and solve common issues. Industry Groups provide potential discussion topics and IPEIA delegates then vote on which topic is a priority. 

The ICF committee members are drawn from IPEIA volunteers, Industry Group volunteers and members at large who are interested in giving back to our community. A “Task Force” of volunteers discusses the topic during regularly scheduled meetings. Recommendations are then developed and reported back to the delegates for discussion at the next conference. 

ICF’s Current Initiatives

If you would like to be involved please contact IPEIA admin at admin@ipeia.com.