January 15, 2019

Integrity Challenges Forum

Tackling Integrity Challenges for Our Industry

IPEIA initiated the Integrity Challenge as part of the 2019 Pre-Conference. The intention was to bring the Pressure Equipment Integrity Community together to identify and find solutions to industry specific issues.
Industry Groups and regulators were polled to find several broad issues for discussion. The Pre-Conference committee shortlisted the topics and selected two for small group discussion at the Integrity Challenge. The question posed to the groups was to decide whether there is an industry need to standardize inspector requirements across Canada or even across the western provinces AB, SK, BC. Responses from the groups were recorded and categorized into 3 broad areas:

  1. Difference between inspection vs. assessment
  2. Triangle between competency, qualifications and certification
  3. Jurisdiction harmonization

Task Group Members

  • IPEIA Pre-Conference Committee organized a Task Group “IPEIA TG-01” comprised of Qualified and competent Industry Group members who are working on the identified problem and IPEIA Members who are facilitating discussions.


  • Discuss the topics listed above with the ultimate goals of:
  1. Providing standardization of inspectors/assessors competencies,
  2. Raising the bar for the inspection industry competencies,
  3. Improving confidence in inspections performed,
  4. Saving time, creating more efficiencies for those personnel (such as Chief Inspectors) disseminating inspection/assessment reports.
  • Create a unified Industry Task Force to provide a unified voice to Regulatory Agencies
  • Volunteers work on tasks and report progress and determine how to move forward at each meeting

If you are interested in becoming involved in the Integrity Challenges Task Force, please email admin@ipeia.com